Hallo! 👋🏾

I’m Emmanuel O. Ojo, a Product Manager based in Ibadan, Nigeria, on a mission to craft digital stories that make a difference. 🚀

Unveiling Possibilities: With a background in mechanical engineering, my journey into product management has been an exciting exploration of turning ideas into impactful digital realities. At Dufuna Technologies, I’m currently delving into the world of nano-learning and social media challenges, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Bridging Business and People: My experience at Cotta&Cush Technologies has been a fascinating blend of B2B ingenuity and B2C impact. From transforming insurance sales to simplifying fundraising for SMEs, I’ve found joy in navigating the intersection of strategic business goals and the heartbeat of consumer satisfaction.

Global Impact: My journey in building impactful solutions traces back to my university days. As a member of Enactus at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, I collaborated on projects that went beyond the campus boundaries. From introducing eco-friendly stove solutions to communities to empowering women in local areas with innovative plantain processing methods, the early seeds of my passion for creating positive change were sown.

Fast forward to my days at PHUB Global Technologies, where I honed my technical sales engineering skills. The design of a biogas system for a poultry farm, a plumbing system replacement, and the development of an aluminum roofing sheet rolling machine were not just technical projects; they were steps in my journey of building solutions that matter.

This commitment to impactful innovation has continued to define my career, from my roles at Vineland Microfinance Bank to the current challenges tackled at Dufuna Technologies. Each step reflects not only my technical proficiency but a deep-rooted passion for building solutions that transcend borders and make a global impact.

Let’s Connect and Innovate: I’m always eager to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, collaborators, and anyone who shares a passion for leveraging technology to create meaningful experiences. If you’re ready to explore new possibilities and innovate together, let’s connect!